Daniela De Simone and Letizia Trinco document the Mantegazza collection in Florence

In mid-April 2022, Daniela and Letizia spent three days at the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnology of the University of Florence to document a collection of Toda artefacts gathered in 1882 by Paolo Mantegazza, an Italian physician and anthropologist. The Mantegazza collection includes over 80 ritual objects, ornaments, and tools  and is the largest collection of Toda artefacts outside India. In his Studii sulla Etnologia dell’India (1886), Mantegazza carried out a study of the indigenous communities of the NIlgiris based on its fieldwork in India in the early 1880s. Mantegazza was a contemporary of Charles Darwin with whom he held an intense epistolary correspondence.





Daniela De Simone interviewed by The Federal

Our PI, Daniela De Simone, gives an interview to M.T. Saju for The Federal on the aims and objectives of the Nilgiri Archaeological Project and why she fell in love with the people and the environment of the Nilgiri Mountains.









Daniela De Simone’s article is published in Asian Perspectives

The article “Grave Goods from Megalithic Burials in the Upland Forests of the Nilgiri Mountains, South India: Analysis and Chronology” by our PI, Daniela De Simone, has been published in Asian Perspectives.

The article examines the grave goods excavated in the nineteenth century from megalithic burials on the tops and ridges of the Nilgiri Mountains in southern India, an area of montane subtropical forests. This analysis is based on the study of the collection of Nilgiri grave goods held at the British Museum combined with a preliminary survey around the Nilgiri towns of Udhagamandalam and Kotagiri in Tamil Nadu that was carried out in November and December 2018. The article presents a stylistic and typological study of the Nilgiri grave goods based on a comparative analysis with analogous artefacts excavated at other South Asian sites and proposes an improved chronology for these materials.

You can find a list of our team’s publications here.





Daniela De Simone gives talk at the Central University of Karnataka (03/12/2021)

On Friday, 3rd December 2021 Daniela De Simone, our PI, gave a talk on the Nilgiri Archaeological Project to the faculty members and students of the Department of History of the Central University of Karnataka. She presented the project for the first time since its beginning in September 2021 and illustrated the work carried out so far on the archaeology of the Nilgiri Mountains by her and our postdoc, Letizia Trinco. While we wait to return to the ‘Blue Mountains’, we look forward to introduce the Nilgiri Archaeological Project to our colleagues in India and around the world at other online events planned in early 2022.